Friends of Frontenac

Birder Challenge

Spot 50 species of birds and earn this lovely badge!  You can either see them, or identify them by their song..  We encourage you to upload your sightings to E-bird, as a form of Citizen Science.

Register for the Birder challenge here:

The cost of participating is $10.  This is primarily to cover the cost of the badge. If you wish to donate extra to the Friends of Frontenac, you have our thanks!

You will need to record your sightings in the following log:    

The information should include the date you spotted or heard the bird, the name of the bird (common or scientific, your choice), and the trail you saw the bird on.  If you prefer to submit a hand-written log, that is perfectly acceptable, as long as it includes the information above. 

The Birder Challenge does not have any start or finish dates; you can start when you want to, and finish once you have counted your 50 birds. 

Turn your log into the office once it is complete to collect your badge!  

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