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Volunteer Opportunities 

Who Are The Friends' Volunteers?

Our volunteer guides and hosts are members of the Friends of Frontenac Park. Volunteer guides are regular visitors to the park who assist the activities of full-time staff while hiking in the park. Our volunteer hosts work with visitors at the park office and visitor centre. The volunteer program started in 1992 and now contributes over 1,000 hours of volunteer time annually.

What Do Volunteer Guides Do?

Frontenac Park covers a large area — 71 square kilometers — of principally wilderness terrain. It has 100 km of trails and numerous portages, plus 48 interior campsites. There is a very small permanent staff, which is supplemented by seasonal help. Resources are budget dependent, and are ever-shrinking.

Our volunteers guides promote safer, sounder and more informed use of the park, acting as an extension of the eyes and ears of the regular park staff. They perform minor trail/campsite maintenance, check on trail markers and report more serious problems to park staff.


The guides inform visitors about the park, its special features, hiking and canoeing opportunities — and they relay visitor comments back to the staff. By talking to park visitors, they promote safer, sounder and more informed use of the Park.


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What Do Volunteer Hosts Do?

Volunteer hosts help the park staff in and around the visitor centre during the busiest times of year. Weekends have our highest visitor traffic levels.

The hosts share information about the park, from its geography to its facilities, to help maximize visitor experience and encourage safe use of the trails, lakes and campsites.

How Are Volunteer Guides Trained?

training session is offered by Park staff and Friends each Spring for new Volunteers. Those becoming interested later in the year can be accommodated until full training by pairing with an existing Volunteer Guide and learning from them for a few outings.

The training provides instruction on the essential information about the Park, its history, natural history, services and regulations, plus guidance on public relations and Park services, followed by an on-trail session explaining the requirements for proper trail maintenance and safety

Who Can Be A Volunteer?

Any member of the Friends of Frontenac comfortable sharing knowledge about the park can become a volunteer guide or host. They must be willing to volunteer time during the summer months, although the programs operate all year round.

Volunteers typically work seven to ten shifts a year, although there is no formal scheduling of hours.

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Are There Other Volunteer Programs?

The Ministry of Natural Resources accepts volunteers to work in the park under the direction of regular staff. This type of work may include specific construction projects, staff enforcement patrols or campsite maintenance.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you want to know more or are interested in assisting with any of the volunteer programmes at Frontenac Park, please contact us at

Or call the Frontenac Park office. (613)-376-3489.

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