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Paddler Challenge Registration

Paddler Challenge Registration


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Paddler Challenge

The next edition of this challenge is expected in 2027.




The Paddler Challenge will run each 5th anniversary year, from June 1 to July 31.  Iff there is sufficient interest, there might be additional Paddle Challenges in intervening years, but currently, the next one is scheduled for 2027.


You must portage your boat to every lake and paddle each lake and find the clue. Bushwacking to the lake to find a clue is not part of the Challenge.


Cheating: Anyone who is found to be cheating will be disqualified from the challenge for the current year. The Challenge Coordinator determines if cheating has occurred and has the final decision. Examples of cheating are: sharing the clues with others by any means (verbal, social media posts, messaging services); not paddling and portaging their boats over to the respective lakes. )


Submit your answers online at the following link: TBD


The list of lakes included in the challenge typically includes:

  1. Clearwater Lake
  2. South Otter Lake
  3. Bear Lake
  4. Little Clear Lake
  5. Black Lake
  6. Labelle Lake
  7. Camel Lake
  8. Little Salmon Lake
  9. Arkon Lake
  10. Arab Lake
  11. Doe Lake
  12. Slide Lake