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Frontenac Park Challenge Registration

Frontenac Park Challenge Registration



Register for the fall Frontenac Challenge here!

Registration opens for 2024 edition on August 1, 2024.


The Frontenac Challenge Rules:


1. Participants MUST register for the Challenge between August 1st and October 15th online by adding this item to your cart and checking out.


2. The Challenge must be completed between September 1st and October 31st.  Participants can only be credited for completion of one Challenge per year.


3. Answers must be submitted online no later than 11:59 October 31, 2024.


4. There are three levels of Challenge:

      a) Frontenac Challenge: Hike all 11 loops. (see the map at the bottom of the page.)

      b) Frontenac Trek: Hike any six loops (excluding the short Arab Lake Gorge and Doe Lake Loops).

      c) Junior Challenge: Youngsters under age 12 may hike any six loops.


5. Trail confirmation:  One highly visible yellow and red sign is located somewhere on each trail loop.  Collect the clues shown on the signs and record on your Challenge Log.


6. Alternate Trail: The Moulton Gorge Loop may be substituted for the Little Salmon Lake Loop.


7. Slide Lake Loop (21km): You don’t have to hike around both sides of Slide Lake. Choose one side (the western trail section is shorter but more rugged). Hiking “Small Slide Lake (9km)” does not count, you must do the full 21km Slide Lake Loop.


8. No Shortcuts: Parts of a trail loop that are shared with a neighbouring loop must be hiked twice. Bufflehead and Dedication are excluded from the challenge.


9. Must Hike On Foot: All hikers must hike all loops on their own feet, you cannot be carried for any duration of the hike.


10. Cheating: Anyone who is found to be cheating will be disqualified from the challenge for the current year. The Challenge Coordinator determines if cheating has occurred and has the final decision. Examples of cheating are:  sharing the challenge loop clues with others by any means (verbal, social media posts, messaging services); not completing shared portions of loops twice.


Challenge Tips:


i) Don’t start too early. Registration launches in August but the Challenge runs from September 1 to October 31.


ii) Have fun but be safe. Always carry extra water, food and a well-stocked first aid kit (and we don’t mean just a few Band-Aids!).


iii) Always let someone know which loop you are hiking (and in which direction).  It makes you easier to find in an emergency.


iv) Download What3Words before your hike; when you call  911, they will ask you for the three words shown by the App. You don’t want to be trying to download it during a crisis, so be prepared in advance.  Consider carrying an emergency satellite communicator such as a Garmin InReach, Zoleo, or Spot, because there is not good cell phone service with some carriers such as Bell, Telus and Koodo (Rogers is better in most of the park). Hopefully, you won’t need either, but it’s best to be prepared for emergencies.


v) Pay attention to the weather and time. Start your hike early. Daylight hours get shorter in the fall, so always carry a headlight, and be prepared to spend a night if you run into trouble.  This means you should have extra warm clothes, a way to start a fire, and a tarp or other shelter.


vi) Allow extra time to get to and from the start of your loop.


vii) Don’t rely on your cell phone. Reception is spotty in the park and your battery will wear down quickly if left on all day. Bring a battery bank so you can change your phone in case it dies.


viii) Hike with a detailed map. We recommend purchasing the official Frontenac Park trail map available at the park office/visitor centre.  Or order a map from our online store and have it mailed to your home.


ix) You are allowed to combine neighbouring loops into one hike.  (You must re-hike the section of trail that is common to both loops.) Consider hiking adjacent loops in a figure eight to be efficient.


x) Take care of your feet!  You’ve got MANY kilometres of trail ahead. The trails are rugged so a sturdy pair of hiking boots or trail runners with Vibram soles are highly recommended. Sneakers, flip flops or crocs will not cut it!


xi) A few enthusiasts want to do two complete circuits of the trails during a Challenge period. They are free to do so, of course, but they can only be recognized officially for one completion.


xii) Consider hiking with a group.  The Rideau Trails Association offers Challenge hikes each year.  Home – Rideau Trail Association


xiii) Take pictures to share on our Facebook page and on Instagram (#FrontenacProvincialPark). No pictures of the clues though, please!


Park Trails (not including Moulton Gorge)


The photograph below is to give you a rough idea of where the trails are located but is not intended to replace the official Park Map (see tip 8 above).


  • Blue – Tetsmine Lake Loop 10km
  • Orange– Gibson Lake Loop 9km
  • Forest Green– Hemlock Lake Loop 5km
  • Red– Little Clear Lake Loop 7km
  • Purple– Big Salmon Lake Loop 17km
  • Brown– Little Salmon Lake Loop 10km  (or hike Moulton Gorge 11 km)
  • Yellow– Arkon Lake Loop 11km
  • Light Green– Cedar Lake Loop 14km
  • Light Blue-Slide Lake Loop 21km
  • Grey– Doe Lake Trail 3km
  • Chocolate Brown– Arab Lake Gorge Trail 1.5km

Important Notes:


Loop distances indicated above and in the Park Tabloid do not include access trails from the parking lots.


We highly recommend that participants hike with a detailed trail map. The official Frontenac Park trail map is available at the park office/visitor centre.  Or, order a map from our online store and have it mailed to your home.


If you want your badge mailed, please drop off a self-addressed postage-paid envelope at the park office, when you have completed Challenge. Otherwise, badges can be picked up at the park office 3 days after the Challenge has closed (that date being May 31 for the Perimeter Challenge, October 31 for the Frontenac Challenge), or at the Challenge Celebration event in the fall.