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All-Season Camper Challenge Registration

All-Season Camper Challenge Registration



Register here for the All-Season Camper Challenge.

It’s free!  Start anytime and enjoy the challenge!


What is the All-Season Camper Challenge? 


In a nutshell, you need to camp out at least one night in every month for a year!



  • You must camp 1 overnight per month, for 12 consecutive months.
  • You can combine the last night of a month with the first night of the next month (eg. check in November 30 and check out December 2).
  • You can end your Challenge year in a month and restart your next year in the same month as long as they are two separate camping reservations/trips.
  • You must provide proof of camping: a screen capture of your camping reservation from your Ontario Parks account.
  • You submit your camping reservation either monthly or at the end of the year to If submitting once you have completed your challenge year, kindly put all the screen captures into one document.
  • Anyone completing the Challenge from January to December has until the first Friday in January to submit their December camp slip, otherwise your name will NOT be submitted as successfully completed.