Friends of Frontenac

Level 2 – Compass Navigation Course

Level 2 – Compass Navigation Course



Wilderness Navigation Level II – Navigating with Map & Compass

Prerequisite:  Level 1 Map Navigation

Date Options:  April 14 & April 28, 2024

Location: Frontenac Park Office

Join The Friends on another one-day course, as we build on the skills and knowledge you acquired during the Level I session and introduce the use of the compass.

Topics will include navigating cross-country using offsets and backstops, measuring bearings on the map and from the ground, determining, setting magnetic declinations and marching on a bearing.

This instruction will be confirmed through a challenging map and compass march to off-trail points within the Park.

NOTE – you will need your own Compass for this course. We can loan you a compass, but you should learn on your own kit. Information as to recommended compass will be passed upon registration.