Friends of Frontenac

Level 1 – Map Navigation Course

Level 1 – Map Navigation Course



Check back later this year for 2025 offerings.

Wilderness Navigation Level 1 – Navigating with Maps

Prerequisites:  None

Date Options: April 13 & April 27, 2024

Location: Frontenac Park Office

Join The Friends on a one-day course, learning how to navigate trails with only a map.

Topics will cover Information found on a map, Identifying Locations (Grid References & Known Points), Measuring Distance, Understanding & interpreting Contour Lines, Resection (Triangulation) and Relating the map to the ground (O.W.L – objects, water, land features).

You will also learn to tell direction using the sun, and will practice your new skills through a 3 Km guided hike along Doe Lake.

Experienced map users will gain new knew knowledge, and students who come on the course with no experience at all will leave confident, and ready to solo hike on marked trails.

NOTE – You do NOT need a map for this course. The Friends will provide you with a map of the park.