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Perimeter Challenge

Hike the perimeter of the trails that make a large loop around the park (see the image at the bottom of this page) and earn this awesome badge!  











1. Participants must register for the Challenge between April 1 and May 15.  There will be a $10 registration fee, to cover the cost of the badge.  Additional donations to the Friends of Frontenac, over and above the registration fee, are always appeciated.

2. The Challenge must be completed between May 1 to May 31.  Participants can only be credited for completion of one Perimeter Challenge per year.


3. Confirmation must be submitted online no later than 11:59 May 31.

4. Trail confirmation:  Proof of the hikes is to be submitted in the form of a GPS track. A handheld GPS or a navigation App such as “Strava” or “AllTrails” or “GaiaGPS” can be used to record the track.  Take a screenshot of your track that also shows the date, or download it as a GPX file. Email either of those to

5. Pace Yourself:  This challenge should be broken into two or three hikes. See the image and suggested start and end points at the bottom of the page.

6. Must Hike On Foot:  All hikers must hike all sections on their own feet.  You cannot be carried for any duration of the hike.

7. Anyone who is found to be cheating will be disqualified.  That includes accessing the trail via Clear Lake Road.


8. The RTA will host guided hikes for this Challenge.  Check out their web page for more information.  Home - Rideau Trail Association


9.  Access via Clear Lake Road is not permitted.


 Suggested hikes in 3 parts:


1/  Park office to Kingsford Dam, 14.5 km, 25 minute car shuttle (you need at least two cars)

2/ Kingsford Dam to 6767 Perth Road, 23.6 km, 35 minute shuttle

3/ 6767 Perth Road to Park Office, 12.5 km, 30 minute shuttle


Or, you can do it as 6 “there and back hikes”, by turning back at the halfway point and returning to your start point.  This will save you from having to arrange for a car shuttle.

perimeter loops.jpg
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