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 Paddling Challenge

The list of Lakes provided below is where paddle challenge clues will be located. You will need to portage and paddle these lakes to find the required clues similar to the the Frontenac Challenge. This is to be completed between June 1 and July 31.

For fun there is a quiz attached to win prizes. Write the corresponding lake beside the correct clue and submit answers to


List of lakes

1. Clearwater Lake
2. Moulton Lake
3. Bear Lake
4. Little Clear Lake
5. Black Lake
6. Labelle Lake
7. Camel Lake
8. Little Salmon Lake
9. Arkon Lake
10. Arab Lake
11. Doe Lake
12. Slide Lake

Clues for lakes

1. I only have one portage and you can only access me from within the park boundary. All
Interior lakes can be accessed from a boundary lake or a series of lakes or portages except
for me. _______________________
2. I have 3 portages leading to me and if you are superstitious one of those portages could
be pretty scary. ________________________
3. You must go “South” and not “North” to reach me. ____________________
4. I have the shortest portage in the whole park. ___________________________
5. There is a gorge and a loop with the same name as me. __________________
6. One of my neighboring lake is a color I could potentially be. ______________
7. Let me be CLEAR until I became 16 no one really noticed me. _______________
8. I may be “Little” but my portages aren’t so little. ______________________
9. I am the lake on the quickest route to reach the lake with the "Unlucky" one.

10. There are 5+ potential paddling routes to reach me (note part of some routes are
repeated). ___________________
11. I doubt you’ll see one of these animals grazing on my shores. _________________
12. I am the only lake in the park that park staff strongly recommended you do not eat the
fish. My name is also sometimes confused with a city in Ohio.

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