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  • I am a guest in this beautiful land of rocks and lakes, of trees and ponds, where deer, beaver, and porcupines are at home. Where wild flowers bloom and ice Creek‘s and loons cry there lonely calls.

  • To free myself to enjoy this land, I plan my trip carefully, carrying appropriate gear, and leave word of my route and destination.

  • By following hiking trails and portage trails, I try to leave as a little sign of my passage on land as a canoe does on water. 

  • I do not pick plants, cut trees, or feed or harass wildlife.

  • To limit the signs of mice stay I camp only at marked campsites. 

  • By using a portable camp stove I leave even fewer scars. If I had a fire, it is small and made in a campsite fireplace with dead fallen wood. I do not cut standing trees, break off their branches for kindling, or strip their bark.

  • My dog is leashed, to prevent it from chasing wildlife.

  • If I fish, I heed all the rules of good fishing. I bury fish and trails 35 meters from camp.

  • I wash dishes, clothes and myself 15 meters from lakes and streams. My soap is biodegradable and does not belong in the water.

  • I follow sanitary practices. In camp, I use privies. Away from my campsite I bury human waste in a shallow latrine 15 centimeters deep.

  • I pack out all my garbage and litter and try to leave my campsite a little better then I found it.

  • I talk to Park staff about my problems or concerns.

  • As much as I can, I want to become a part of this beautiful land, not an intrusion.

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