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1. Participants MUST register for the Challenge between August 1st and October 15th Online. For online registration please see the events page.

2. The Challenge must be completed between September 1st and October 31st.  Participants can only be credited for completion of one Challenge per year.


3. Answers must be submitted online no later than 11:59 Oct 31.

4. There are three levels of Challenge: 

Frontenac Challenge: hike all 11 loops. (see Challenge Guide.)
Frontenac Trek: hike any six loops (excluding the short Arab Lake Gorge and Doe Lake Loops).
Junior Challenge: youngsters under age 12 may hike any six loops.


We recommend that participants hike with a detailed trail map.

The official Frontenac Park trail map is available
at the park office/visitor centre.

Or order a map from our online store and
have it mailed to your home

5. Trail confirmation:

One highly visible Yellow and red sign is located somewhere on each trail loop.  Collect the clues shown on the signs and record on your Challenge Log.

6. Alternate Trail:

The Moulton Gorge Loop may be substituted for the Little Salmon Lake Loop.

7. Slide Lake Loop (21km):

You don’t have to hike around both sides of Slide Lake. Choose one side — the western trail section is shorter but more rugged. Hiking "Small Slide Lake (9km)" does not count, you must do the full 21km Slide Lake Loop.

8. Start Close:

Loops can be started from the closest parking lot.

9. Pace Yourself:

Any loop can be spread over two or more days.

10. No Shortcuts:

Parts of a trail loop that are shared with a neighboring loop must be hiked twice. Bufflehead and Dedication are excluded from the challenge.

11. Must Hike On Foot:

All hikers must hike all loops on their own feet, you cannot be carried for any duration of the hike. 

12. Cheating: 

Anyone who is found to be cheating will be disqualified from the challenge for the current year. The Challenge Coordinator determines if cheating has occurred and has the final decision.

Examples of cheating are:  sharing the challenge loop clues with others by any means (verbal, social media posts, messaging services), and, not completing shared portions of loops twice.

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